Autumn (autumnflame) wrote,

Writer's Block: Stay Fashionable in Winter Weather

When it’s cold, wet, or snowy, how do you stay fashionable?

The amount of rage I see over this question in just a quick skim of the answers makes me laugh. Seriously, people? You take yourself so seriously that even being asked what kinds of clothes you wear for winter is an affront to your down-'n-dirty, keepin' it real, hard-workin' everyman/woman sensibilities? Staying warm and looking good are far from mutually exclusive propositions, and that other people take some time to think about it in no way infringes upon your time or property.

Anyway, I love fall clothes; not so much winter, but that's primarily because I have an addiction to coats but hate the cold. So the balance between "cool enough that a coat and a little layering feels good" and "not so cold that you need to wrap up into a ball of wool and misery" is the ideal point for me.

Speaking of layering, that's pretty much how I deal. Lots of light jackets and shirts that I put one atop the other, topped by a heavy wool coat, and, when it's cold enough, scarves, gloves, and hats. Leg-wise, I'll wear stockings under jeans if it's cold enough, or thick stockings/leggings with a skirt (sometimes multiple, if it's really cold). And boots! I love boots. So much. My love of boots is rivaled only by my love of jackets. I tend to dress in darks and neutrals, but I have a lot of fondness for bright red accents.

But no Uggs. Ugh.
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