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gasp, a real entry?!

Figured I'd write something since I'm waiting for my character on LotRO to finish separating seeds from the poor crops she's raised, and the usual avenues of entertainment seem to be quiescent tonight.

Yes, that's what it took to finally update for real.

Anyway, as the above would indicate, I've picked up LotRO since it's now free-to-play, just to take a gander. I'd heard good things about the way it handled stories, and was interested--and hey, free.

Liking it pretty well so far; it scratches the WoW itch without requiring a sub, which is all I was really looking for. The fact that I like some of the classes pretty well and that the graphics are really quite lovely (given the time it was made and that it's an MMO) are certainly pluses, as well as the fact that I'm finding the setting and lore a lot more interesting. I do wish there were more races to play, but otherwise it's been fun, and I'm enjoying taking my time to read through quests and exploring the land without the feeling that I need to catch up with anyone or have to make the best use of my money.

Admittedly, playing is made a lot easier by the fact that a friend of Adrian's works at Turbine and had quite a few Turbine point cards to give out, since he didn't play or knew anyone who played MMOs. Bought quite a few things via the online store that made my in-game life much easier. It's still fun without the advantages--it's just easier with more bags, shared vault space, more room in the bank and the ability to sell at the auction house, etc.

I'm playing Aedhriel and Tiravael on Nimrodel right now, if anyone wants to take a gander and give me a shout. :) Usually end up being on between 10 to midnight EST.


Art-wise: I've posted them on Twitter, but haven't really posted them to LJ, I don't think. (I might have. But it's been long enough since I stopped the LoudTwitter feed and actually posted anything of substance that I feel pretty safe in making that assumption.)

Setsuri--I think I showed the sketch for this a while ago, but got around to finishing it.

Commission, Mesarthim's Infernal.

Commission, Mesarthim's PersonaMUSH villain.

Commission, shadrad's Ravi as Tepet Tilis Jasmine.

Commission, Mesarthim's Abyssal. (Seeing a trend?)

WIP of an old sketch I decided to do something with. It's going slowly, though, as I keep changing my mind on what I want to do with the bodies and the lighting.

And a quick sketch of Justice, from eddyfate's short-lived ICONS game. Basically modern Sets as a superhero.

I feel like I've gotten better much faster than I have in the years previously, but that's probably mostly due to Adrian's influence. It's amazingly helpful having a professional around to give you tips when you're working on something. :P

Still have a long ways to go, though. Especially in working on backgrounds and anything non-young-and-pretty.


Also started on P90X with the boy, which is an intense workout and diet regime. While the commitment is intense (at least an hour of exercise six days a week, usually an hour and half, given pauses and water breaks, plus a strict diet--I eat a lot of food, but only the healthiest), it's been showing some pretty rad results. Halfway through it now, and I can't stop admiring my ass and abs or the firmness of my calves/thighs/arms. They're like columns of oak! :D It's ridiculous, but true. Probably because I haven't quite had time to get used to them, since I acquired them in just over a month. Can't wait to see what it brings in another month and a half. :D Most interesting, I haven't actually lost a single pound, by the scale. But I feel awesome.


Finally got to announce the WoD MMO officially! I wasn't there at the Grand Masquerade convention, but the reception at the end of the shakycam video is heartwarming. It's been a long time, and there's still a long way to go, but it's nice to have it out there in more than a hush-hush way. Adrian did a lot of work on the teaser there, too.


I just realized that I mentioned Adrian in every part of this entry. ... i-it wasn't intentional, sorry. :(


Okay, time to check back on my captain-farmer. (Who farms while her man-at-arms stands around holding her banner. Useless minion.) (Also, incidentally, I am displeased to announce that all MMOs have similarly useless chat in OOC. Don't know what I expected, but I forgot what the general level of discourse was like.)
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